Wholesale Auctions - Licensed Dealers Only

Thank you for your interest in attending our "Dealer Auctions" as a new and profitable source of wholesale vehicles for your dealership. Below you will find the forms which are required, and must be in our files prior to our being able to do business together. If you are expecting to pay by check or draft, we will send out the bank reference forms to each bank you have designated, but we must have them returned to us by your bank prior to being able to accept your business check or draft. In the meantime, we can accept cash, certified funds.

Click on link below for printable forms

Registration Forms 

In addition to the forms, please include a photocopy of the following additional items: 
          -Current State Department of Motor Vehicles Dealer's License 
          -Current D.M.V. Salesman's License for Each Authorized Agent 
          -Current State Driver's License for Each Authorized Agent 
         - Current State Department of Revenue Wholesale License or Resale Tax License 
          -Dealer Bond Policy
          -A photocopy of your business check with "VOID" written across the face

Please fax items to 704-489-8158