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In this, our latest newsletter, I want to first thank those of you who attended the preview of our new "Ultra-Vision Auction Center" on July 8, and share the encouraging comments we've received:


"You have taken all the transportation costs and arbitration issues totally out of the picture. Amazing"

"I can retail my aged front line units right up to the last minute and not feel captive by a fixed site auction if it doesn't sell."


"I can preview 100 cars in 15 minutes. I'm just blown away!"

"This system depicts everything. You could probably appraise a diamond off it!"


For those of you who weren't able to attend our preview and are thinking "Yeah, I've bought/sold cars online with Ebay, competitive fixed site auctions, etc. There were always surprises or problems and I've got the scars to prove it."  Think again!!

20+ years ago, Dealer Auctions set the pace for the auto auction industry and as a result, quickly became the nation's largest totally mobile auto auction company. Those of you in the business that long, think back to when we reinvented the industry with mobile auctions and how many different folks are now "trying" to copy what we do. Well, after over 10,000 auctions conducted, we've raised the bar again and are bringing the auto auction business into the 21st century.

With an in-house designed proprietary video system using up to 23 computers per location and specially designed laser projectors, you will be seeing images at 10x virtual eyesight, beyond anything else you've seen today. If you've been to a Walmart or BestBuy lately and witnessed the stunning images of digital TV being broadcast with true 4k technology, you've probably marveled, like me, at the amazing detail versus anything else on the market. Now, imagine detail 20X that and this is what you have with our "Ultra-Vision" system. A system so advanced that the current internet structure doesn't have the capability of transmitting pictures this clear. Hence, the need for us to begin building our own infrastructure consisting of a nationwide string of "Ultra-Vision Auction Centers" , beginning here in North Carolina, until internet technology catches up to us. 

Sellers for the first time can wholesale aged cars without the expense of transportation, detailing, or removing it from that slot while it is still for retail sale. All they need to do is allow us to come in using our special ultra-definition cameras and take pictures of their cars which are then uploaded to our system. That's the total involvement with the seller.  We take over from there.

The cars will be held in our data bank and periodically re-run until sold. Additional benefits are that the cars won't be subject to the problems typically associated with fixed site auctions; lost keys, transportation damage, damage at the auction, loss of potential retail sale, no serious buyers in the lane when the car runs, etc. All this at a minimal cost, much less than associated with fixed site auctions.

In full climate controlled comfort with complementary food and beverages, our unique "Ultra-Vision" touch screen monitors will allow buyers to search through thousands of cars quickly, pick the ones they want, zoom in to view them in almost microscopic detail, and bid with confidence, knowing what you see is exactly what you get. No surprises! Buyers will also be able to do phone and proxy bids.

Our capabilities are endless with this system. We literally can have 60,000 acres of cars and sell them in a 6500 square-foot facility.

Since I can't possibly cover everything here in this newsletter, watch our website,, for upcoming announcements and more amazing developments. While there, be sure to check out our existing and new mobile auctions as well. From this point forward, sellers and buyers will have a choice of which venue works best for them.

Just as important, I want to give a special "thank you" to our friend Corey Glass along with the entire staff at the Charlotte Motor Speedway for going above and beyond any of our expectations to give us whatever was needed to insure the success of our collector car auctions at the Speedway. What an amazing and talented group of people! A class act all the way!

I'm a firm believer in the adage "You can't do everything well" and would be remiss in thinking we could give the collector car auction and the folks at the Speedway the full attention and quality they deserve, given the intense workload required with our new projects throughout the country. After a long and wonderful relationship, with great sadness, we have withdrawn as the host auction for the collector cars at the Speedway. I wish them continued future success and we stand ready to assist them in any way possible in the transition.

Lastly, thanks to all our clients and customers, past, present, and future for taking the time to read this newsletter.


Vincent Maffucci
CEO, Dealer Auctions Inc.


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